Double Glazing Conversion

This is a natural development from our original refurbishment package, whereby we carry out all the work necessary to restore the outer box frame but simply replace the two sliding sash casements with double glazed replicas. These are made in exactly the same way as the originals but with some slight modifications to allow them to take sealed units, rather than putty pointed single glazing. We go to painstaking lengths to make the replacement sash’s match the originals and are always happy when customers comment on how ‘you would never know the difference’ and how narrow the glazing bars are.

Once the outer box frame is restored and given a coat of dense white primer undercoat we then re-calibrate and add extra lead weighting to the existing steel balance weights so that the new sash’s slide properly in the box frame. The new sash casements are then re-hung on traditional 7mm thick wax cotton cord and then the window is then re-assembled with new pre-primed wooden parting and staff beading. This also incorporates a full fibre pile draft proofing system and allows the sash’s to slide smoothly and quietly within the frame.

Solid brass Brighton pattern sash fasteners are then fitted to the new sash casements and extra Rola security bolts if necessary. You are then left with a beautiful new double glazed and draft proofed sliding sash window for a fraction of the price of a new one. As the original box frame stays where it is, you can retain the original period architrave and no need for any messy and expensive re-plastering!

Any restoration work required for the box frame and sill can be done first once the window has been stripped down.

Once the box frame and sills have been repaired the old sash's can be secured back in temporarily overnight.

The box frame is then given two coats of a dense white primer undercoat and weather sealed back to the brick opening and any mortar repairs undertaken. 

The window is then reassembled with the new double-glazed sash's, complete with high efficiency sealed units and georgian bars if required. The balance weighting is re-calibrated with lead make weighting and new staff and parting beads installed incorporating a full draft-proofing system.