Dust Extraction

Our company are strong believers in environmental health while carrying out any restoration work, especially in customers homes. A little known fact about restoring sash windows is that the original paint systems on nearly all windows is lead based and contain high amounts of heavy metals and other contaminates that are illegal to use now.

When these old layers of paint are removed, most commonly though heat gun and scraper or sanding, these contaminates are released again into the air either as a vapour or fine dust and can linger for some time. This can pose a health risk to occupants of the property, especially children prone to asthma.

At Aaron Johnson we use a unique two-pronged method of paint removal which eliminates these health hazards –A high powered rotary sander removes the top layers of built up/flaking paint and then after filling and any timber replacement, an eccentric sander brings the surface of the timber to a smooth fine finish ready for re-painting. This process uses NO HEAT, which would vaporise the chemicals and creates NO DUST, which can linger in the air for hours and be inhaled. Both processes are hooked up to a high performance dust extraction system which takes the waste away before it has a chance to escape into the air and into lungs or all over the furniture! The window and box will now look crisp and new, with sharp edges and smooth clean surfaces.