Refurbishment Packages

If your sash windows do not need replacing and you would prefer to have them restored then we can offer the following basic restoration package:

A complete strip and sanding smooth of sash casements and box frame, removal of built up layers of old paint and sand back to a smooth workable surface. Servicing of sash pulley system and replacement of sash cords. Removal and treatment of any rotten wood and filling back to original profile with Epoxy system. Replacement of all staff and parting beading, incorporating a new full draft-proofing system. All new beading is weather sealed to the box frame with paintable acrylic sealant. If a full paint system is not being used then the window is also left with two coats of primer/undercoat.

As mentioned on the home page, you may think your sash windows are beyond help, but you would be amazed at what we can achieve through a combination of modern techniques such as our resin-based filling system and traditional joinery. The following video showing a typical restoration illustrates this fully: